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Stormwater problems!

 HEAVY RAIN Storm Water  Problems ! By: Mark Sadler, Gold Coast Earthmoving & excavator hire, Highland Park, Qld.

Do you have storm water problems !Lots of rain means big trouble and in Queensland  the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas can receive up to 200mm plus of rain in a day. The deluge after a few hours has dampened the earth and saturated it that much that it just pools in every low spot it can. Sheds ,houses and paddocks were stock are kept get very flooded quick.

IMG_0308 Sandra and Gorden  live on a large property outside Willow Vale in the Gold Coast hinterland . A huge storm brewed up on New Years morn of all times and crashed the gold coasts party.  within hours it  was flooding through his garage and into his sunken lounge.  It was one huge mess to clean up.

A B Earthworks quick drainage solution stopped the next deluge only days later . We dug a large 450mm trench and filled it up with drainage gravel to catch all the water comming down the street and into there place.

First of all we looked at the water flows that run down his drive way . There was quiet a bit of cross fall to pick the water up and into the agg drains.We then made extra storage of water in the sub surface drainage system so we could have at least 4 hours of rain stored in the system when it rains heavy. We used a similar system at Emerald Lakes golf course where we store lots of water in the ground water storage areas because of the flood mitigation floodplain.

Many housing community’s don’t have adequate drainage in place to cope with these storms.  there were never sufficient  stormwater gutters in lots of rural propertys in the hinterland  and the results are devastating for your homes.

The rainfall on the Gold Coast was 250mm in a night of downpours its amazing how much damage there was.

Regards Mark Sadler abearthworks Pty ltd. Gold Coast excavators and bobcats.


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