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 HEAVY RAIN Storm Water  Problems ! By: Mark Sadler, Gold Coast Earthmoving & excavator hire, HighLand Park, Qld.

How to get rid of storm water !

Lots of storm water means big trouble?

IMG_0308They live on a large property outside Willow Vale in the Gold Coast hinterland . A huge clear storm 250mm with water flooding through his garage and into his sunken lounge.  It was one huge mess to clean up.

Abearthworks worked on his build with footings and plumbing two years previous . He insisted that we come to help him stop the water coming down his driveway.

First of all we looked at the water flows that run down his drive way . There was quiet a bit of damage.

The council would not help to get the surcharging water diverted into the ground and away from the driveway.

In heavy rain on new years 2014  and Australia day the surcharging water had come from nearly a kilometre away .  It was 20 meters away from his garage.

Within a few hours we dug a nice trench and had to clear the water out

and connect up some new pipes.

Many builders working in the past never put enough storm water pits in to the yards.

The rainfall on the Gold Coast was 250mm in a night of downpours its amazing how much damage there was.

Regards Mark Sadler abearthworks Pty ltd. Gold Coast excavators and bobcats.



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