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Bobcats and Excavators what do they do?

IMG_0308abearthworks41 What do they do ?

Our bobcat or skid steer loader is 3.5 tonne in weight which is a large size machine.

Its cabable of lifting a tonne of blocks off the ground and into a truck.

Its main purpose is digging and levelling out dirt, it can dig and load out on quite steep slopes. It will load trucks in approximately 8 minutes for a ten meter truck its as fast as an excavator.

Our machine has teeth on a tilting bucket that will tilt 30 degrees to make levelling easy for the operator.

We have used these machines for finishing works on golf courses in Australia and overseas.  They are ideal for bunker shaping we drive these machines down steep banks and fill them up with sand.

Our excavator is a 5.5 tonne case.

Its also got a swivel head attachment to dig sideways which is very handy for lots of excavations. Its main use is ease of sanding up trenches u can save a lot on extra sand using this attachment .

We have five different size buckets that go on the quick hitch a 1200 mud bucket,650  ,450 ,300, ripper. This machine also has a rock grapple attachment  its a great way to pick up concrete for easy loading.

This machine is excellent for digging , its 1970 mm wide which is ideal for drainage and house footings.


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