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dam weeds Queensland ,clearing rubbish from Emerald Lakes golf course.

cleaning out weed bank at Emerald Lakes golf course.
cleaning out weed bank at Emerald Lakes golf course.

Dam weeds Queensland ! Cleaning our the rubbish at Emerald Lakes Golf course!

Recently we cleared its rubbish on the back part of the golf course. Needing to get the water quality clean and get the fish back in these systems.

Clearing out weeds from a dam or creak is dangerous and challenging for the inexperienced. We have many projects where you need someone that knows how to clean them out properly.

These weeds are not good for your horses for drinking . They cover the majority of your dam and you loose all the oxygen in your water making it got under a ph level and then going stagnent. also killing the many fish that u have. Only the Eels will survive this mud and crud.

This is not a huge major job to take these weeds out but you need a machine like ours and our experienced operators. Don’t wait too long to get these weeds under control. The summer time is the worst time for these weeds to explode in volume with the humidity and rain. Get Mark to give you a quote and save your stock. regards Mark Sadler .

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