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Gallery of Gold Coast excavations


A b earthworks Gallery of Gold Coast earthmoving & excavations. Pictures of all types of excavations to help you understand and build methods we use to achieve different projects .

These include drainage problems from Willow Vale & Upper Coomera, Nerang and Glisten areas.They were taken after a flood a few years ago and the damage it caused was huge.

We saw water streaming through lounge rooms where the water had come from the neighbours. When they built up there land and didn’t provide adequate drains to the street.

The council did nothing to help out there neighbours at all. The owners of the house could do nothing except dig a drain to her lower house neighbour. This was to release the build up of storm water in the middle of the night.

 Emerald Lakes golf course.

cleaning out weed bank at Emerald Lakes golf course.

As a gold coast earthmoving flood water specialist we fix these flood damage houses and schools. Even fixing flood damage to Emerald Lakes golf course.

They had water build up on the bridge with the debris almost taking out the bridge supports.

We got more rocks in to the supports and took out the silt from the area.We then had to take the silt and rocks off the green and tees where the water rushed up around. It was quiet a mess the amount of water flows there very quickly.

Other pictures are of some drainage pits we build for car parks surroundings ,they provide a lot of water storage in a huge storm. Its a very affective way to stop the flooding ,create huge pits underground.

Abearthworks build the Gold Coast hinterland . Earthmoving some beautiful gardens on Mt Tambourine,  they had fire pits , statues, waterfalls and a beautiful church.

It was set on five acres and had large avocado field and lots of other fruits , it really was a garden of eden.

We fully turfed around all the trees in the front yard and made a bmx track also.The family had a ball riding there bikes and quad bikes on the track .They decided to build there own indoor race track Game over in Helensvale

fire pit in gold coast hinterland.

What about the fire pit!

rock walls ,landscapes,

lovely waterfall mt tambourine.


the lovely chapel mt tambourine.


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