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By Mark Sadler, AB Earthworks

Working overseas and in Australia with Graham Marsh golf designs has greatly helped me with shaping of very steep terrain and learning how to make the landscapes flow. Creating beautiful golf greens on the sides of mountains. 

I travelled to South Korea early in my career to better understand what it takes to create a functional golf course.

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South Korea Championship golf course Silk River.

With the local people helping us to grass the landscape ,the beautiful terrain had created a special place to play. Planting more than two thousand trees along the fairways and clubhouse surrounds making a lovely setting.

Showing the local people how to build a golf course out of the granite hills of Chong Jew.  It was no easy feat with many long nights in the wilderness that surrounded the golf course. With interpreters and management , they helped us deliver our golf greens on time before the winter set in and we used bent greens grass.

It was a huge challenge for the local  community’s to keep supplying us with the turf and sands needed . This golf course was a huge project for the Construction companys with millions of tonnes of granite blasted out of the mountains.

We used the winter time to fill the bunkers with sand so not to damage any of the fairway grass,this was a huge task to undertake as most of the bunkers have over 900 square meters to fill.

We sourced a local sand that was a real stark white and was very shiny with the snow on it. Most of the trees were pine trees and the silhouette was amazing in the early morning light with beautiful foliage and snow on the leaves, a winter wonderland.

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